We love cloudy days :)

We love cloudy days :)

We brings data securely to you, wherever in the world you go.

Care about your data 24/7/365!

What's up

Be patient cause it's yet to early to tell you the whole story.

Right now we are working fulltime inhouse developing SaaS services for your data.
If you are intrested in cloud based products for digital archive, patient records or cutomized ERP solutions sign up for our newsletter.


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10 November 2018 New Phonenumber +46101994064

1 January 2019 Releaseday ArchiveCore.

6 September 2018 Today we are migrating to Office365, and therefore there could be minor issues keep in touch with us by email.

9 July 2018 We are off for 2 week, in urgent matters just send us an email or give us a call.

6 July 2018 New website.

7 June 2018 Bolagsverket approved our businessname Cloudsolution Nordic

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